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seventeen || blaze brightly, spirit of justice


LIVE PREVIEW (taken from [personal profile] sundays)


Sure, go for it! If I ever accidentally drop something that you really want to continue, please let me know. I'm more than happy to continue threads.

Threadhopping: For the most part, yes! If you could give me a heads-up in advance if the thread looks a little serious (which is rare enough) though? That'd be absolutely perfect.

Fourth-walling: I'm gonna have to pass on this one, thanks! Admittedly if you said that you recognized Chiaki from anything he'd actually be one of the few characters that would be like OH YEAH SURE, BECAUSE I'M FAMOUS.


Hugging this character: AAAA DO IT, HE'LL BE SO HAPPY? Chiaki will hug anyone. Everyone. Most gladly.

Kissing this character: UGH IT MIGHT BE TOO MUCH FOR HIS PURE HEART. He'd get super embarrassed no matter what but also depending on the CR, he could be... not not down? Regardless, you have my blanket permission to go for it!!

Flirting with this character: It might slam right into his brick head and fail to penetrate - but you're free to try! Sometimes it probably sounds like he's flirting too, and he may or may not be aware of it at any given time.

Fighting with this character: Go for it! Honestly Chiaki will try to work things out without fighting, but he doesn't like being bullied either. He is a teenager without combat experience though, so don't expect an intense DBZ-level fight or anything.

Injuring this character: Yeah, sure! Depends on what it is, just ask me if it's anything worse than a few cuts or a sprain or something. We'll talk about it but Chiaki's used to getting beaten up.

Killing this character: TALK TO ME. I'll probably be down. But definitely talk to me!

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Oh absolutely, he has zero defenses against this sort of thing so just let me know. I'll elaborate in the brackets a little bit more about what he's thinking. He's mostly straightforward but notices a lot more than he shows.

Warnings: I'll be linking a lot of pop idol nonsense - just a warning. It'll also be rare, but Chiaki's got some type of high-functioning depression that sometimes peeks out, but I'll let you know if the thread is heading in that direction!

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quick and dirty permissions code that I blanket use for all my characters, I included the version with the fitted image at the top!
make sure the Disable Auto-Formatting box isn't checked in your html tab when you use it
it's very self-explanatory since there's no break tags - just type it as you want it!
credit if you wanna! if only just to let people know where you got it. also feel free to ask questions or edit. goodness knows I frankenspliced some codes together when I was learning (and I still am)
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Gonna adapt this for an info page in one of my RP journals!